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JCB offer a range of toughphone handsets, specifically made for their durability, as well as providing some great functions and features of mobile phone technology.

The JCB mobile phones run on the Android operating system so you can be sure they are easy to use and reliable.

Many are waterproof and dustproof but still offer a slim design packed full of features such as WiFi and keyboards for those with heavy hands.

A mobile phone brand build for men – real men, JCB include the latest tech features with supreme durability in their range of toughphones. Waterproof, dustproof, shock resistant and made to last, for those keen in getting their hands on a toughphone capable of handling all the knocks and bashes of day to day life.

The JCB Pro-Smart was the one of the first Android toughphone to be offered, it's a long way from the only option. How about the JCB Pro-Talk, these are provided by Orange and Vodafone. If you want a super-fast phone, with 8 way radio, 2MP cameras, a ‘bomb-proof’ shell then look no further. You can compare all of the JCB mobile phone deals here at You can be sure you’ll find the best mobile phone deal for you.

How about the JCB Sitemaster 2? This builds on the feature richness of its predecessor and is 1 ton pressure assured and made the 2 metre drop test with ease giving you the peace of mind.