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The 3 service was launched in the UK on 3 March '03 (3/3/3). After 33 months of operations, 3 had more than 3 million 3G customers, more than the other UK mobile operators' 3G subscribers combined. In '03, 3 launched the UKs first video mobile network to bring new services to the mobile media market. Given 3G was a new technology, 3 undertook one of the fastest 3G network rollouts in UK history and met their license regulatory requirements 3 years ahead of schedule. 3 has a roaming agreement with Orange which allows its customers to use their handsets on the GSM network when they move out of 3G coverage. Before January 2007, their partner network was O2.[23] At the end of 2005, 3 UK had nearly 4 million customers on its network and was the largest 3G network in the UK with more 3G subscribers than all the other networks together. The UK offers both pre- and post-pay (contract) services.