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The visionary approach of Asus it the reason they are able to bring high-quality innovation and design to all. ASUS products won 4,256 international awards 2013.

Asus mobile phones are relatively new to the market but that doesnít comproise on their performance. The Asus Fonepad ME 371 MG is a portable and very powerful tablet that can also be a smartphone too. So you can get the best of both worlds with the mobile phone.

Want both a tablet and a phone? That's where the Asus Fonepad wil be your friend. Itís not only a tablet with a huge display, it's also a phone. The Fonepad is a tablet and phone combined into one. You can make calls, text, send emails, get on the net, and everything else you can with a smartphone.

The Fonepad has an amazingly detailed 7" screen, premium metallic design, front facing camera, awesome battery life and entertainment on the go.